DRUM Berlin

DRUM_partyFirst of many DRUM Berlin events over the holidays, NGOMA Soundsystem live and direct smashing the dance floor.  Big thanks to Marcel on percussion, Kovo on MC and Mbira, and our special guest vocalist Jah Of York.

DRUM Munich coming soon.





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2 new bangers

during the past month or so these recent mash edits have been dropped on unsuspecting dancers Germany to Johannesburg, every time followed by lots of jumping and screaming.

Burundi drums so ill…

more coming soon 🙂

this is of course the all time classic from Nigeria, fixed with some additional bass and treble – rocks a modern dance floor like nobody’s business.

Report from South Africa

Additional shows:

Fri. 28/09 —- Disofeng Dobsonville
Sat. 29/09—– Club Ozone (N. West)

Sat. 29/09 — Panyaza (with Zinhle)
Sun. 05/10 -– Panyaza
Sat. 06/10 — Vintage life style (pimville)
Sun. 7/10 -— Mofolo Park Stadium (w/ Nick Holder)
Sun. 7/10 -— Pandora Chesa Nyama (Ekhuruleni)
Sun. 7/10 -— Liquid Chef (Rosebank)



(also published on This Is Africa.)

downtown Johannesburg

At once after touch-down i noticed the modern, international air of Johannesburg, which looked wealthy and stable; and of the friendly, smartly dressed and hip Africans around me, who seemed as informed as anyone in the East Village or London.  But soon a more complex picture emerges.

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For the 5th year in a roll, Fusion Festival going to get proper NGOMATIZED Friday 29. June 7-10pm on the Querfeld stage, featuring, for the first time, the mind bending tones and textures of Austrian Trombonist/Multi-Instrumentalist Werner Puntigam, alongside resident drummer Marcel and dj zhao. Will be a Northern Tropikal set in true Afro-Futurist spirit to remember.

UPDATE:  When Werner first started going in with the Trombone i felt actual fear.  Beautiful monster sounds like a hundred whales or a solar eclipse.  The sheer power, finesse, and extraordinary sense of composition this man who comes from an improvisation and free-jazz background brought was simply immense.  (Very different feeling from our set last year with trumpeter El Congo) Together with my deep and hard Afro-Tech selections and Marcel’s dexterous drumming, this proper Northern Tropikal set raised a thunder storm which caused entire Fusion Festival to be shut down for 15 minutes.

video was shot by 2 great film makers from Spain on 5 cameras, soon come!

04/05 May: Linz and Vienna

Friday 04 May Dj Zhao will will be delivering music of the drums all night long as part of Treffpunkt Afrika at Strom in beautiful Linz.  True Rhythm Culture doesn’t actually give a shit about being hip because it invented hip, is the very definition of hip, has been and will always be hip, even after all the world’s hip have become died and gone to square heaven. The following night Fokn Bois and Dala Dala Sound are playing.

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WED 22 and THUR. 23



don’t forget Chief Boima is coming all the way from his Dutty Arts base in NYC to rock with us on Wednesday! here is his crazy new high energy vertical mix for XLR8R, 160BPM Afro Fire!  and more in different modes here.  see you on the dance floor!!!

update:  and Boima just released an album.  here is a video, which is his “personal reflection on Sorie Kondi’s original message, integrating footage from his video, and (his) own from New York and Freetown.”  It infuses some much needed class consciousness, immigrant perspective, not to mention Soul, into modern club music.

after the Super Ngoma Session:

and on Thursday, I’ll be delivering the riddim goods next to Dj Obstsalat at the grand opening of 100° Festival at HAU 2, starting at 12:00PM.


22. Feb. Chief Boima!

we welcome a super dope guest straight from NYC, an Afro-Futurist with his feet firmly planted in timeless rhythm roots – CHIEF BOIMA.

CHIEF BOIMA [dutty arts/nyc] http://chiefboima.com/
DJ ZHAO [ngoma/berlin] http://listn.to/djzhao
MARCEL – percussion [ngoma/berlin] http://tropicfusion.jimdo.com/
check this beautiful tune from Boima’s next album…  how can anyone resist???
CHIEF BOIMA is a Sierra Leonean-American electronic musician/DJ, cultural activist, and writer currently based in New York. He is a member of the Brooklyn based music, arts, and culture collective, Dutty Artz. He also has contributed to various music and culture online and print publications such as Ghetto Bassquake, Africa is a Country, WFMU Radio, and The Fader Magazine.As a resident of Little Baobab in San Francisco and as a touring club DJ (in Europe, Africa, North America, and Australia) he has become a respected figure in the promotion of various local styles from around the globe such as Coupe Decale, Cumbia, Kuduro, and Champeta.

The past few years Boima has immersed himself in the world of music production, and has released original tracks and remixes alone as well as part of the duo Banana Clipz with DJ Oro 11. He’s also done numerous collaborations with folks like DJ Orion, Lamin Fofana, DJ Rupture, Matt Shadetek, and Uproot Andy, as well as producing tracks for international singers and rappers such as Los Rakas, Black Nature of the Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars, and Khady Black.

PRESS: Guardian UK, XLR8R, The Fader

NGOMAsound Friday, 27. Jan


NGOMAsound celebrates Afro and Afro-Diasporic rhythm cultures in the 21st Century. Timeless musical traditions and urban tech-bass fuse into one, acoustic and electronic sounds collide, NGOMA is the sound of tomorrow.

this time we bring you one of the world’s fastest rappers (according to Guiness World Records) from Angola on the mic, top heavyweight selectas from all over, and of course the badass drummer Marcel on live percussion. it will be a Global Bass odyssey you will not forget!
MARFLIX — [Tropical Bass/Faluma – Berlin]
SELECTA JAH MIKE — [Global Vibz – Andalucia/Wolfsburg]
Dj Zhao — [Ngoma – China/Berlin]
MC Diamondog — [Nomadic Wax – Angola/Berlin]
Marcel – live drums — [Ngoma/Tropicfusion – Berlin]
from Warschauerstr: just walk 10 meters past RAW Temple and Cassiopeia, and Badehaus is standing on the left.
2 euros B4 12, 4 euros after.

New Years Eve!

i’m playing 2 parties, first with food and drinks at a nice restaurant bar until 3AM, and second my set is 4-6 AM at a proper quality underground rave in a 2 story sound-design-studios building (and yes the sound will be phenomenal) organized by Hans & Gloria collective and Bass Emergency Collective.

flyer for the first one is here, and the address to the second one will not be given out until the day before so i will drop it here again

and here is info for the second one, my set will be from 4-6 AM on the Dubstep floor:

extra-special location: DP64 is where the ambitious GDR youth radio station had their recording studios. Before it’s torn down next year, we gonna use the structure for a last big blast on three floors with exquisite music & live-performances..

Cu there!

sorry for lateness:  dropping beats for Ghanaian superstars Kwaw Kese, Bradez, and Appietus tonight at Worldtronics.  first time ever Hiplife concert/party in Berlin?  in Europe???

addendum:  biggest regret of 2011 was not taking any photos with Appietus, Bradez, and Kwaw Kese while hanging out back stage.  but we do have concert video, just need to find time to edit…

NGOMASOUND 16. December

Badehaus is a new club with wicked sound inside the RAW Temple building complex, and it will become both our Temple to Timeless Rhythm Heritage as well as Afro-Bass Spaceport, to which the Mothership will come and take us to the most terrifying and beautiful depths of the known and unknown universe.

Our bad ass drummer man Marcel will be licking chops all night to both classic and Afro-futurist vibes, and the last time the mighty Boom Brothers played at an Ngoma party the entire city shook for days after.  Join Ngoma Soundsystem and our co-pilots for a night of Ancient Futurist Tropikal Rhythms you’ll not likely forget!

see you on the dance floor!

Berlin This Week and Next

Wed, Oct 19: 10 – 4am //// BohnengoldReichenbergerstr. 153 Kreuzberg

This wednesday Ngoma is back in a bigger and better new location.

We have, in addition to the badman on the drums Marcel, for the first time, wicked MC from the Congo: Kovo M22, who will be dropping lyrical madness in 4 different languages.

NGOMA SOUND brings the sweetest and toughest jams from the motherland and beyond: both heavy classic killers and urban tech-bass sickness. see you on the dance floor.


Sun Oct. 23  7-10pm  //// Reuterstr 8, 12053 Berlin, Germany

Centrum Sonic Lecture 1: Ancient Futurism

The first in a series of Sonic Lectures takes place at Centrum (Reuterstr 8, Berlin 12053) this Sunday (23rd October 2011), starting at 7pm. Entitled Ancient Futurism, the lecture is by ethnomusicologist DJ Zhao. He plans to explore the many connections and continuities between pre-modern ancestral sound traditions and some of the most innovative of contemporary musical movements.

“From limited available evidence we will draw interrelated lines which form pictures of undeniable genealogy, which includes both advancement and deterioration, and further challenge outdated yet persisting notions of progress and today’s common and severely distorted views of world cultures”.

Sat, Oct: 29 10-1am //// Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 9

AFFB Festival Party


Daniel Wang
DJ Zhao