WED 22 and THUR. 23



don’t forget Chief Boima is coming all the way from his Dutty Arts base in NYC to rock with us on Wednesday! here is his crazy new high energy vertical mix for XLR8R, 160BPM Afro Fire!  and more in different modes here.  see you on the dance floor!!!

update:  and Boima just released an album.  here is a video, which is his “personal reflection on Sorie Kondi’s original message, integrating footage from his video, and (his) own from New York and Freetown.”  It infuses some much needed class consciousness, immigrant perspective, not to mention Soul, into modern club music.

after the Super Ngoma Session:

and on Thursday, I’ll be delivering the riddim goods next to Dj Obstsalat at the grand opening of 100° Festival at HAU 2, starting at 12:00PM.


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