New Years Eve!

i’m playing 2 parties, first with food and drinks at a nice restaurant bar until 3AM, and second my set is 4-6 AM at a proper quality underground rave in a 2 story sound-design-studios building (and yes the sound will be phenomenal) organized by Hans & Gloria collective and Bass Emergency Collective.

flyer for the first one is here, and the address to the second one will not be given out until the day before so i will drop it here again

and here is info for the second one, my set will be from 4-6 AM on the Dubstep floor:

extra-special location: DP64 is where the ambitious GDR youth radio station had their recording studios. Before it’s torn down next year, we gonna use the structure for a last big blast on three floors with exquisite music & live-performances..

Cu there!

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