FUSION 6 – New World

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Under the pavement, the beach, and after Apocalypse, a possible rebirth: these cut-up, mashed-up, re-edited and dubbed out rhythms from different corners of the earth as well as time periods, may form an image, a model, an interconnected rhyzomatic map of our collective hybridized, poly-cultural, high-tech and egalitarian future, where difference is not merely tolerated, but respected and valued, where without loss of individual character, seemingly separate histories, narratives, and cultures cross pollinate and fuse in surprising yet harmonious ways.

01 Francis Bebey – Forest Nativity X Mesak – Postuumi-1
02 Francis Bebey – Flute Aria X Joey Suki – Apster – Stick it
03 Unknown Burkina Faso – Djembe & Drums X Anton Kemmeren – Zorros Fighting Legion
04 Ja Fun Mi X dj Harvey-Drum Groove
05 Speranza X Sideshow Bottletop Dub
06 Unknown Degung Instrumental Bali X Twilight Circus Dub Sound System – 808 vod
07 Sindhi Music Ensemble – Thari Lok Geet X Badawi – Jihad
08 Chemirani Rizzo Montanaro – Balo Tondo (Zhao Edit)
09 Unknown – Pressure Sliding X Moto – Gucci
10 Bilal Abdurahman – Greek Holiday – Clarine, Darabuka, Tambourine X Omar S – Busaru Beats
11 MahndiMadhorama Pencha – Madan Bata Sindhu X Team Shadetek – Yoga Riddim
12 Small Island Pride – Federation (Dj Zhao solidarity Edit)
13 Unknown – Initiation Song and Jews Harp X Aardvaerck – Untitled
14 Tunng_VS_Taraf De haidouks – Homecoming_X Aardvaerck – Untitled
15 Sakou Si Bory – Aminata W X El Macho X Mastiksoul – El Macho Ben Tactic Edit
16 Kasambwe Brothers – Kasambwe Brothers X Negghead – Build it Up (break it down mix)
17 Dub Colossus – Shegye Shegitu (One Drop Mix) X Andy Stott – See In Me

2 thoughts on “FUSION 6 – New World

  1. I listen to your New World Fusion6 when I work…pretty chillaxin’, groovin’ beats. Good Job. Thanks for sharing!

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