04/05 May: Linz and Vienna

Friday 04 May Dj Zhao will will be delivering music of the drums all night long as part of Treffpunkt Afrika at Strom in beautiful Linz.  True Rhythm Culture doesn’t actually give a shit about being hip because it invented hip, is the very definition of hip, has been and will always be hip, even after all the world’s hip have become died and gone to square heaven. The following night Fokn Bois and Dala Dala Sound are playing.



and on Saturday 05 May, alongside Symbiz Sound, Tipanic, and others at Sweat Club. Vienna get ready for some serious booty action:  FACE DOWN AZZ UP!!!












Linz didn’t get much foreplay or any lube at all: an intense, hard and fast set which scared many – lets just say Angolan Kuduro was some of the slower and softer part 🙂  Since it’s an annual festival i wanted it to be something very special, and not just another club night.

the Zim poet Chirikure Chirikure came up to us during soundcheck last night before his set, and says, with one of those grins on his face: “couldn’t we have found a better way to make a living? working so hard at night, when other people are drinking, laughing, making love… like maybe accountant, or shop keeper or something” 😀  – made me think that perhaps all the truly funny jokes merely tell the truth.

was great to hang out with the Electro Blacka Bounce pioneers Da Motorizer and Battery Alkaline of The Pipelines, see Georg from DalaDala Sound and Out Here Records, and met the Fokn Bois too, but Fokn forgot to take a Fokn picture.

Vienna was super fun as well, playing with Symbiz Sound at the Leopold Museum (the Austrian art dealer of recent times, not to be confused with any Leopold from the habsburg empire’s past, or the colonial monster Leopold from Belgium).  Unsuspecting clubbers got a dose of real Ngoma Bass Action!

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