NGOMA July 16

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Familiar club sounds of Berlin meets the Drum Sciences of the mother continent: NGOMA presents dance music of a future society that we would want our grand children to live in. Imagining a decolonized polycultural rhythm machine constructed from the plurality of our various life experiences, multiple sonic perspectives distilled, NGOMA fuses the best of many worlds for maximum mind expansion, soul elevation, and body intoxication.

LAMIN FOFANA (Sci-fi & Fantasy)
An aclaimed Techno producer from Sierra Leone via Brooklyn, whose music Pitchfork describes as “…good, very good… everything techno should be: urgent, inventive, hypnotic.” Lamin Fofana draws from his deep knowledge and broad musical experiences on 3 continents to bring us music from a mysterious, exhilirating, and blissful future.

DJ ZHAO (Ngoma Sound)
Raised in Beijing, studied in Los Angeles, and based in Berlin with a background in sound art and left field techno, Dj Zhao is a rhythm ambassador and musicologist, bringing a poly-cultural understanding of sound to his deeply percussive cross-genre sets. In addition to playing more genre specific music in setting such as Berlin’s Berghain, Dj Zhao constructs powerful vibes without borders, bringing together innovative underground club, bass, and electronic music from places such as Luanda, New Jersey, Johannesburg, London, Bogota, Chicago, Nairobi, Paris, Kairo, and Berlin: irresistable polyrhythmic energy in motion.

MISTA WALLIZ (AfroHouse Xperience)
A dopetastische Berlin selecta originally from Senegal, Mista Walliz is the brain behind awesome events such as Afro Heat and the AfroHouse Xperience. His new sets incorporates a profound passion for African electronics as well as a deep love of Techno and House.


Saturday, July 16, 11 PM – 6 AM

YAAM Berlin –  An der Schillingbrücke 3, 10243 Berlin, Germany

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A new series of Polyrhythmic Bass and Afrocentric Techno is born at this sweet underground spot by the spree near Schlesisches Tor with big sound.


Lamin Fofana (Sci-Fi & Fantasy)
dj zhao (Ngoma Soundsystem)
Qumasiquamé (Through My Speakers)



FUSION 8 – Secrets of the Sun

Dj Zhao - FUSION 8

Mixing and blending songs from the Indian Ocean, Yoruba Muslim ritual music, Ugandan percussion, Haitian Vodou lullabies, Lebanese Dabke, Tazania Taraab, Egyptian mystical jazz, music of the San people from the Kalihari, even some Kraut psychedelia, with grimey bass and beats.  Richly layered tapestries of indigenous music and deep dub ebbs and flows, swelling into fiery bass and drums toward the end.

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Paris and Toulouse

Friday, June 12at 11:00pm – 6:00am
Le Malibv — 44 rue Tiquetonne, 75002 Paris, France

UMOJA (INI Movement / Piri Piri Music ; Amsterdam)

Around The World (Paris)

dj zhao ( NGOMA SOUND Berlin / Berlin)


June 14 – June 15 Jun 14 at 12:00pm to Jun 15 at 12:00am

Jardin Monplaisir 1 Bd Monplaisir, 31400 Toulouse, France
☀ Dimanche 14 juin – Midi-Minuit – Jardin Monplaisir (centre ville) ☀

ZHAO – [ALL / Berlin] – (Ngoma Sound)
RAFAEL ARAGON – [FRA / Paris] – (Caballito / Latino Resiste)
DJ NO BREAKFAST – [FRA / Tlse] – (Guachafita)
YEAHMAN! – [FRA / Tlse] – (Ghetto Sonido – Muundial Mix)

par le Collectif Volubile ( Ambre Caziers / Loren Coquillat / Pauline Lavergne / Cassandre

► FRESQUE ◄ / Agathe Thevenot & guests)

Ngoma Holidays

Next Sunday, Dec. 28th, I will do a set with the mighty Hoodz Dj Team at Wendel Cafe.

and on New Year’s Eve:


Feierabend Poetic Cumbia (Argentina/Berlin)
Latin Swing, Cumbia Wet Dreams

dj zhao (Ngoma Soundsystem – Berlin)
Tropical Bouncement, Fire In Your Pants

A wild wild night of fiery and naughty rhythms to boogie, rumba, swing, polka, waltz, foxtrot, salsa, azonto, dagger, bounce, jerk, twerk, and booty clap into 2015!!!

last weekend was fun:

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 13.03.2710pm – 6am all night hunt for the purrrrfect beat!

Mutant Sol


Warming up for MUTANT 2, Ngoma Soundsystem featuring Pharoah Chromium will take you on an intimate mystical journey through the kaleidoscopic valleys and crests of your mind in the center of the omni-verse, joined by special guest musicians later in the evening.  Expect psychotropic flavors and ancestral-futurist rhythms from every corner of the earth.

Kiki Sol — Lindower Straße 12, Wedding, Berlin

MusikSalon 50 Years


Musiksalon Berlin: 50 Jahre IITM / Projekt für transtraditionelle Musik
14. /15. November 2013 im Vortragssaal des Ethnologischen Museums

Thursday 14. November 2013
18:00 Strahlkraft – Erbe nach Schließung des IITM 1996
Transtraditionelle Musikszene: Aktuelle Situation – Politische und mediale Kulturarbeit

20:00 Nordindische Ragas im Dhrupad- und Khyal-Stil
Pt. Ashok Pathak, surbahar & sitar
Tabla: Sandip Bhattacharya
Tanpura: Shamika Pathak

Freitag, 15. November 2013
20:00 Hommage an Alain Daniélou: DIASPORAGAS
Amelia Cuni: Gesang, Tanpura, Mirliton
Werner Durand: selbstgebaute & adaptierte Blasinstrumente, Elektronika
Ray Kaczynski: Mridangam, Perkussion
Federico Sanesi: Tabla, Pakhawaj, Perkussion

21:30 Dj Zhao



Something wicked this way comes…  a new monthly series in the heart of Neukölln:Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 11.47.52

While the brightly lit gallery spaces of SAVVY Contemporary above focuses on the visual, cerebral and Apollonian aspects of cultural enquiry, BLACKBOX below is a Dionysian shadow world of hallucinatory sound and rhythm, of ritual and technology, of bodies in fluid motion.

A direct extension of SAVVY’s global outlook of contemporary art and culture, BLACKBOX celebrates music of the subaltern, of groups who are socially, politically, and geographically outside of hegemonic power structure; focusing on modern electronic bass and club music and traditional rhythms of Africa, South America, and Asia; fragmenting and dispersing an outdated Eurocentric “cultural center” of the world to encompass the entire globe.

Screen Shot 2013-11-03 at 16.18.19BLACKBOX 1:  NGOMA TIMEWARP
Saturday, November 9, 2013 / 11:00pm / ENTREE: 5 EU
SAVVY:ETC – Richardstraße 20, 12043 Neukölln, Berlin

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Tropical Timewarp

Screen Shot 2013-08-15 at 17.12.24

Summer is almost over, come get your boogie on the beach before weather gets cold! 
Tropical Timewarp @ YAAM Beach starts at 4pm
Soukous-Afrobeat-Highlife-Naija-Kwaito-Kuduro-Jazz-Cumbia-Dub-Calypso- & beyond…
★ Dj Zhao [Ngoma Sound/ Beijing/ Berlin] — 11pm
★ The Soulvendor [Tropical Timewarp/ Dubpub]
★ AFROSUSA live pecussion [Gambia-Spain-Berlin]
★ special decoration by: Grasstapete
★ Afro-Carib food on sale! 
5 euros before 11, 12 euros after – message me for guest list – ngomasound at gmail

FUSION 6 – New World

Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 21.38.36

Under the pavement, the beach, and after Apocalypse, a possible rebirth: these cut-up, mashed-up, re-edited and dubbed out rhythms from different corners of the earth as well as time periods, may form an image, a model, an interconnected rhyzomatic map of our collective hybridized, poly-cultural, high-tech and egalitarian future, where difference is not merely tolerated, but respected and valued, where without loss of individual character, seemingly separate histories, narratives, and cultures cross pollinate and fuse in surprising yet harmonious ways.

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