Imperial Tiger Orchestra

Thanks to the good people at Free Music Archives:  Heavy Ethio-Funk jams by Imperial Tiger Orchestra, live at the OCCII in Amsterdam 20/11/2009 (where i played with Rebel Up crew 1 year later – and dropped one of my Ethio-House edits as grand finale for the set :)), for free stream and download.

NGOMA MIX 5 – Nomad Boogie

here is one for the boogie: classic and soulful grooves designed for more intimate spaces.


i made this mix for smaller and “normal” local bars and clubs: really tried to make something both for the general public, meaning anyone from any walk of life, as well as the music heads. the ideal is a CD that almost any bar anywhere in the world can pop in their stereo at any given night and have people nod their heads, tap their feet, and maybe even get a little jiggy. how close the actual product ended up being to this ideal is yet to be tested, as well as my thesis that one does not have to succumb to lowest common denominators to appeal to everyone. (we will see, i have already started giving these out to local establishments in berlin)