OCORA Africa Mega Post

don’t have time for cover art and little write ups, so you will have to deal with the list dump style of this post (cover art and sometimes scans of liner notes should be in most archives).   Includes 2 versions of the much sought after and rare Dogon vinyl, with substantial differences in tracklisting, which among the first wave of awesome recordings was never reissued on CD.

For the uninitiated, OCORA was one of, if not the, most well researched and presented labels which dealt with indigenous sounds from all over the earth, and i made the promise, which i still do intend on keeping, of making the entire past catalog of 500+ recordings available on this blog.  there has been quite a few South Asian and African posts already, just look for it.     To be continued.

For more Ocora awesomeness, head over to Aaseance.

10 thoughts on “OCORA Africa Mega Post

  1. Hello Ngoma, Thanks again for all this wonderful music. I am very sorry becasue I can’t download it (user denied), and it seems that’s because RapidShare changed the default security access of all RapidShare folders to PRIVATE last January 15, 2013. Here you will find the changes you’ll have to do in order people who want to download for free : http://www.starrguide.com/2013/02/rapidshare-error-download-permission-denied-by-uploader.html#.UXqkjEqqFm4

    For a african treasure lover, I advice you to go and see on http://lesdisquesafricains.blogspot.fr/



    • Thomas, have you tried again on another day and are the links working for you now? if it wasn’t a temporary problem it might be a location thing: where are you downloading from?

  2. this link is dead [ocora] Africa Congo – Cérémonie du Bobé
    otherwise your ocora selection is great please do all 500
    thanks robert

  3. Hi, could you re0upload please *Mega.nz or Mediafire etc ?
    PS. Thank You ever so much for your SO GREAT blog and wonderful music posts!

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