FEB: 2 nights in London

AFRO BEAT PARTY webFollowing the success of last year’s party at Floripa, OneTaste is bringing back the afrobeat vibes to London for this unforgettable party packed full of exciting big bands and DJs.

FRIDAY 8th FEB. 2013

Electric Jalaba
DJ Zhao
DJ My Therapist

£7 tickets in advance HERE

£10 on the door


Electric Jalaba
Ancient songs from the Gnawa tradition about mysterious women, men that divide oceans and armies of soul conquerers weave themselves among enormous infectious grooves, analogue effects and warped guitars. The sound of the camel skin Guembri and Lagnawi’s impressive vocals will transport you to another world as the band boil relentlessly through a range of beautifully unearthly grooves. Expect inexhaustible energy, moments of soulful calm and pinnacles of ecstatic mayhem, plus some dance moves, you’ve definitely never seen before.”

Formed in London in 2009, Awalé is a reflection of London’s multiculturalism. With members from Tunisia, Cuba, France, Slovakia and England, influences come in turn from Afrobeat, Balkan music,
North African Amazigh music, Congolese Rhumba, Ethio Funk, Jazz and Cuban music, blended in their unique style. Through their music they take the audience on a journey across continents celebrating diversity and hope for mutual understanding of different cultures. The name Awalé, meaning “love each other”, comes from an ancient African game played in hundreds of versions around the world. Like the game, the music is played in turns and cycles of various length which echo themselves, sometimes very intricately and sometimes in unison. Heavily horn based, with the colour and excitement of 70′s funk and with Balkan inspired odd time signatures and melodies.

DJ Zhao
DJ Zhao brings the best contemporary and classic dance music together from wildly different times and places, with focus on Africa. Informed of up-to-the-minute global street styles such as Afro-Electro, Angolan-House, Kuduro, Coupe Decale, Naija, Rai, and Cumbia, as well as drawing upon the wealth of sonic traditions worldwide such as Juju, Gwo Ka, Rumba, Taraab, and Persian Classical, Dj Zhao fuses ancestral rhythms and urban bass pressure. Amateur ethno-musicologist and professional booty shaker, Dj Zhao is an International Sound Ambassador not only talking about, but demonstrating through raw sound experience, the underlying unity of all earth cultures.

DJ My Therapist
A short while back I, admittedly, visited DJ Yoda in the DJ booth to find out about what track he was playing a few too many times. Only to be welcomed with “Why don’t you go and get your own f**king tunes!”
I started building a deep vault of funk, soul, hip-hop, reggae, breaks and drum ‘n’ bass to provide all the best people with all the best music that I could find and the collection keeps on growing. I’ve played at Glastonbury, Bestival, Lovebox, Shambala, Secret Garden, Standon Calling and am a regular fixture keeping the crowd rocking before and after every OneTaste and Beatroot Rendez-Vous gig. Come up and ask me what I’m playing any time, I’ll be proud to tell you.


Sat 9 February 8pm till late


£10 adv, £12 door, £5 concs or student / Main Space / Standing


Many things make NUMBI an extraordinary, transformative night out. The funky music: the sexy, vivacious dancing: the stunning performers culled from Funk Town, a place where spoken word, sinuous grooves and straight badassery collide to create an irresistible mix. The next NUMBI is no different.

This time we’re celebrating Afropunk and giving you a chance to truly rock out and express yourself on the dance floor. We’ve got the sultry sounds of chanteuse, Miryam Solomon. We’ve got the vibrant, shake-your-tail feather rhythms of Bronzehead, the band that puts the funk in punk!

We’ve got the linguistic sexiness of writer and artist, Diriye Osman, who will be hosting the evening. The incredible Zena Edwards, Malaika Booker, Elmi Ali our poets for the night tasked with bring you the word complete with mohawks. We’ve got the ultra-fabulous choreographer and dancer, Funmi Adewole doing her thing with the often imitated, never duplicated DJ Bradley Zero. Our special guest Dj Zhao to take you to the Afropunk 2light.

And to kick it all off the Numbi Film Corner is Back with a super special screening of Documentary Film PUNK IN AFRICA directed by Keith Jones and Deon Maas.

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