lets get it straight once and for all

Many still view European classical music as “high culture” / “serious art”, while dance music is frivolous, “primitive”, and inconsequential.  But the exact opposite is true: European classical music was created and largely functioned as pure Entertainment for royalty and aristocracy during its time; while today’s dance and club music, however misguided, convoluted, or lost it may often be, is directly descendant of the true, central, spiritua/cultural heritage of our species.

3 thoughts on “lets get it straight once and for all

  1. In terms of cultural functionality “dance” music is almost always going to trump “high” or “art” music. It is more relevant to more people and has been down the ages I quite agree. Contemporary music, despite it’s intellectual and emotional properties, is often divisive, although this can be a good thing. As long as we are not saying that popularity equals importance.

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