Infinite Rhythms

 Rocking with MC extraordinaire and Ninjatune recording artist Infinite Livez:   Friday 1st of November at Cosmic Kaspar:
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Infinite Livez (Ninjatune, Exotic Pylon / London/Berlin)
Born in Bethnal Green. Trained at Chelsea Art College. Released his first album (Bushmeat) in 2004 on Big Dada records. Released his second album in 2007 with Big Dada as a collaborative project with the Swiss electro jazz outfit Stade (Art Brut Fe De Yoot). Has worked with producers such as Blufoot, M3 and Part 2. Enjoys making comic books, short films and soft toys. Puts out his own improvised noise CDs. Used to design Gameboy graphics. Is a former FKO Raw freestyle battle champ. Likes Sun Ra, Wesley Willis, David Bowie, Public Image, Willus Drummond, and Funkadelic. Has reoccurring dreams of the end of the world. Lost his prize Barry Convex puppet. Lives in Berlin.
cosmic01 cosmic08cosmic05
and on Saturday night:
INFINITE LIVEZ – live set/host/ Infinite Livez of Big Dada/ Exotic Pylon
will be performing his infamous solo set that he has been busy perfecting during his excursion in Berlin. Expect an mixture of experimental noise, stream of consciousness rapping and live beat making from the London born emcee who is normally known for his work with Electro Jazz pioneers Stade.
Dj Zhao – dj set
Dj Zhao brings the best contemporary and classic dance music together from wildly different times and places, with focus on Africa. Expected a schooling in the latest of global sounds such as Afro-Electro, Angolan-House, Kuduro, Coupe Decale, Naija, Rai, and Cumbia. As he draws upon a wealth of sonic traditions worldwide to provide a blend of mind expanding and floor smashing musical collages.

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