OCORA INDIA – New Uploads 1

Kushal Das – Sitar

From slow meditative burners to dizzying fast numbers, Kushal Das’ every phrase is clearly pronounced, the celestial and crystalline music has an orderly, intellectual feel – simply beautiful.



Kushal Das – Raga Marwa

Sitar playing of a very different character than the above recording: in a lower register, much more visceral and emotionally expressive, with more grit and texture – alternating between long bluesy passages and crazy drunken (but always poetic) rants. (new 320k file added!  thanks to comrade Morgen)


Mithila – Love songs of Vidyapati

A cappella songs of love and devotion by mainly male, and 2 femail, vocalists in a steady and evenly paced manner, never venturing into cries of passion or lapse into melancholy.  Not sure if the love expressed is sacred or profane, but it is for sure of an eternal nature.  (musically not one of my favorites)


Voyage Intérieur – Sheila Dhar

Performed according to the principles of the Kirana Gharana school of singing, this amazing woman takes us on an epic dreamlike inward journey during the course of this double CD.



Troupe de Kutiyattam du Kalamandalam – Kutiyattam

Kutiyattam is a 2000 years old form of Sanskrit theatre, traditionally performed in Hindu temples of the state of Kerala.  Musically this is pretty wild stuff: intense percussion with dramatic and often “dissonant” singing/narration.  Not for the faint hearted or those only looking for “beautiful” Indian music.


L. Subramaniam – Le violon de l’Inde du sud

(this may be a re-post) Virtuoso violin playing by the master.  Enough said.





L. Subramaniam – En Concert

actually on the whole a lot more relaxed and calm than the studio recording above, a superb live session.

5 thoughts on “OCORA INDIA – New Uploads 1

  1. Thanks for all these wonderful re-posts, am getting hours of profound pleasure! I see you are going to keep the spectralist stuff available too! This would be much appreciated as I’ve mislaid much that I got from your original posts. Am itching to get these again, especially the Dumitrescu, well all of it really. If you or other visitors could help out, please don’t hesitate!
    Thanks for all the fantastic posts and blogs!

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