Sweet and groovy little 30 minute set of Chichaton, that psychedelic Peruvian Cumbia and Guaracha sound we all love with extra Moom sauce, by the Estropical Explorer Funklore DJ (who also writes for Norient); made with tender loving care while wearing only the finest hats of Latin America.

01. Aniceto y sus Fabulosos – Mi Gran Noche
02. Los Wemblers de Iquitos – Lamento del Yacuruna
03. Los Wemblers de iquitos – Un Silbido Amoroso
04. Los Mirlos – Cumbia de los Mirlos
05. Grupo Celeste – Mi Lamento
06. Tulio Enrique León – Cumbia Algarrobera (this one is actually from venezuela, not peru)
07. Manzanita – Serrano con Orgullo
08. Los Mirlos – Chinito en Cumbia
09. Los Orientales – La Danza del Mono

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