FUSION 5 – هلاك / Apocalypse

neocolonialism. exploitation. corporate greed. systemic oppression. global warming. over population. rising oceans. resource depletion. military conflict. economic collapse. mass extinction. hurricanes. famine. disease. hunger. war. annihilation.

FUSION 5 - Apocalypse by Djzhao on Mixcloud


01 Amina Alaoui & Jon Balke – Itimad X L-Wiz – Smogged
02 Ora Sittner & Youval Micenmacher – Dror Iqra X Scuba – Sleepa
03 23 Skidoo – G-2 Contemplation X Marc Ashken – Roots Dyed Dark (Skream Remix)
04 Kambarkan Folk Ensemble – Jygach Ooz Komuz X Dj Distance – Nomad
05 Sarah Webster – A Lesson Twice Learned / Drum Talk X Pinch & Loefah – Broken
06 JilJilala – Unknown X JuJu – Iroko
07 Fawzy Al-Aiedy – Milad X Toasty – Like Sun
08 Hossam Ramzy & Phil Thornton – Immortal Egypt X dj quest & eskimo – Speakers Corner (Instrumental Death Edit)
09 Unknown – Arab Flute X Zen Militia – Pull of Guilt (Scuba Remix)
10 Unknown – Morocco Belly Dance X Substep Infrabass Monotonium
11 Guem – Royal Dance X Shed – Panamax Remix
12 Unknown – African Tribal Drums X Unkown – UK Grime
13 Reda Darwish – Raqset El Banat X Headhunter – Drop The Waste
14 Remko Scha – Machine Guitars Slam X Skream – Backwards
15 Andy Moor – Uganda Fly X Loefah – Fire Elements
16 Sir Richard Bishop – Blood Stained Sands X Tunnidge – Face Melt
17 Sijano Vodjani – Dedication X King Midas Sound – Earth a kill ya

DJ Zhao Summer Tour 2012

Belgrade, Serbia, Mikser Festival

second time dropping Juju-Juke: after an awesome set by awesome tapes people were ready to go crazy.  160bpm Afro-Bass Explosion, 500 screaming Serbs, mosh-pit at 2am.

Passau Germany – Hakuna Matata Festival
super fun times with The Pipelines and DalaDala at this dope festival in a small town close to Munich deep in the heart of Bavaria.  for 4 days city center was filled with awesome motherland culture, music, and food.  the Neo Nazis were scared and didn’t dare show up!  
After Party:

America…  how i love love love and hate you so much!!!   was strange to be back after being away for 5 years…  open, intelligent and fun people, so much excitement, so much to see hear do, so much good food… and also advertising overload and intense class division which breeds a fundamental and ubiquitous societal tension of a kind which Germany has no idea…  i guess besides failure of the social contract this friction can also lead to good music :)
DC (more photos coming):

so this was totally awesome sauce. so many great new friends, awesome vibes, and dope nights. (and amazing food!) so much fun, positivity and inspiration…bigup Dutty Arts, Sonic Diaspora, Anthology of Booty, Music Ecology, and all the crews and individuals who made it possible.next year it will be your turn West Coast! brrrrrrraaaap!