a night of vibes from different tribes fused and hosted by Yaneq
Ritter Butzke, Lobeckstr. 30-35, Berlin-Kreuzberg
21:00 Hof: BBQ und Livepainting
22:00 Black Floor: Spoken Word
23:00 Ölfasslager: Elektro
24:00 Hütte: Afro
DJ ZHAO (Ngoma Sound)
NOMAD ( Vulkandance / W.T. records )
Spoken Word:
03.10 – Ritter Butzke (Berlin) 
09.10 – WAU (Berlin) 
01.11 – Cosmik Kaspar (Berlin) 
02.11 – Eschloraque (Berlin) 
08.11 – TBA (LInz, Austria) 
15.11 – Ethnologische Museum (Berlin)
19.10 – Bohannon (Berlin)
19.11 – lipsiusbau (Dresden) 
30.11 – Engel & Weiss (Cologne) 
20.12 – Cosmik Kaspar (Berlin)


BEAT PASSAGE / Sat.28.09.2013

Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 19.49.18

Official “PERPETUAL TRAVELLERS” After Party @ Savvy

“Every point is a relay and exists only as a relay. A path is always between two points, but the in-between has taken on all the consistency and enjoys both an autonomy and a direction of its own. The life of the nomad is the intermezzo. Even the elements of his dwelling are conceived in terms of the trajectory that is forever mobilizing them.” – Deleuze & Guattari, Mille Plateux

A musical deterritorialization of consumerist club culture; a rhyzomatic Sonic War Machine destroying all borders and prejudice!!!

DJ Zhao [Ngoma/Berlin]

DJ Aleksey

SAVVY Contemporary has a new super cool basement space for music and dance, and this will be the first ever party in it :)


Mother Ship Landing // Coming up

SweetMother1 Ab dem 21.09 gibt es jeden ersten und dritten Samstag im Monat die heißesten Sounds vom afrikanischen Kontinent. Afrobeats, Azonto, Coupé Décalé, Ndombolo, Zouk und Kuduro sind nur einige der Musikarten welche es bei Sweet Mother zu hören gibt. In dem angenehmen Ambiente des Bohannon werden DJs aus ganz Europa Berlin zum Schmelztiegel der modernen afrikanischen Musikszene machen. Clubhits von Lagos bis Accra, von Yaoundé bis Kinshasa, von Nairobi bis Johannesburg werden ohne Verzögerung bei Sweet Mother zu hören sein.

Zur Eröffnungsparty wird mit DJ Zhao DER Experte für moderne afrikanische Musik an den Plattentellern stehen. Der gebürtige Chinese hat bereits in den weltweit besten Clubs die Tanzflächen zu den aktuellsten afrikanischen Hits zum kochen gebracht. Des weiteren wird DJ Zyto, die Berliner DJ Legende und Aushängeschild der lokalen Afro Szene, für beste Unterhaltung sorgen. Saturday 21/September // 11:00pm until 6:00am Bohannon Dircksenstr 40, 10178 Berlin, Germany  //// FACEBOOK

coming up:

21.09 – Bohannon (Berlin)
27.09 – Schlachthof Wiesbaden (Mainz)
03.10 – Ritter Butzke (Berlin)
09.10 – Lupita (Berlin)
19.10 – Bohannon (Berlin)
01.11 – Cosmik Kaspar (Berlin)
02.11 – Eschloraque (Berlin)
08.11 – TBA (LInz, Austria)
15.11 – Ethnologische Museum (Berlin)
19.11 – lipsiusbau (Dresden)
30.11 – Engel & Weiss (Cologne)
20.12 – Cosmik Kaspar (Berlin)



“The drum is closely linked in African philosophy with the word… The original utterance which created life of nothingness and chaos, and then established order in that creation. The drum is therefore a divine tool of the Supreme Being, a womb or beginning of created life.”  - Maureen Warner-Lewis

“The drum encloses a womb of space in which silence and identity will emerge out of the darkness and the void.” - Wilson Harris

“”God is dumb, until the drum speaks.” – Ancient African proverb

Drawing upon the vast rhythmic resources across the mother continent, from places like Botswana, Burundi, Uganda, Ghana, Congo, Morocco, and more, with a touch of Afro-Cuba and the Afro-Caribbean, as well as selection and sampling of some of the great electronic music of today, FUSION 7 builds a fortress to dance, a bridge between today’s electronic dance music and its roots on the Mother Continent.  Even more than the Afro-Asian House of FUSION 3 and Middle Eastern Bass of FUSION 4, this 7th volume of pure African Percussion and Techno/Bass is firmly situated on the dance floor.

As we take synthetic drugs in the context of today’s commercialized club culture, it is important to know that dance music is neither frivolous or inconsequential:  rhythm was important for the evolutionary process of our species in terms of motor functions and socialization, and dancing is a sacred activity which connects us both to each other, as well as to the vibrations of the heavenly spheres.

01 Heart Beat Intro / Tuareg Traditional X dima – monolog
02 Guem & Zaka – Printemps X Yonurican – Lucha Machete
03 El Hadj Ensemble – Wo Mawu X Fast Vision Soul – Babatunde
04 Soweto Ensemble – Nxal X Unknown
05 Bukky Leo & Black Egypt – Black Egypt
06 Gordeon Odametey – Okemi Ekpe X Queen Atom – Minsk
07 Kasai Allstars – Mukuba Special X Shakleton X Wiley – Where’s My Brother (Trebus    Funky Dub)
08 Moritz Von Oswald Trio – Pattern 3 X MicroTribe
09 Afronaut – Neuvo Rumbero X Echologist feat. The Space Ape – Mercy Beat (MRI vs Uess Nondub Remix)
10 Calypso Jazz Improvisation With Steel Drums X Caja De Ritmos – Drumstep X          Echologist feat. The Space Ape – Mercy Beat (MRI vs Uess Nondub Remix)
11 Shackleton – It’s Not Easy X Rhythmic Theory – Riveted
12 Percussion3 X Kamikaze Space Programme – Lawn (Dj Zhao Short Edit)
13 Guem & Zaka – Turon X Roska – Jackpot
14 Tambours Du Burundi – Uri Inyambo Burundi + LR Groove – Bush Man
15 Guem – Topil X Gender – Behind the Forest
16 Hammana Manden Kono A Nakan X Edu K – Avec Bon Bons
17 El Hadj Ensemble – Wo Mawu X Cabo Snoop – Windeck (Arih Gold & Gil Perez Remix)
18 Guem & Zaka – Liberte X BWG – Mandombanzani
19 Guem & Zaka – Liberte X Ventress – Typhon
20 Tuareg Traditional X Ardisson – The End (Posthuman Remix) X Ventress – Typhon / Heartbeat

Tropical Timewarp

Screen Shot 2013-08-15 at 17.12.24

Summer is almost over, come get your boogie on the beach before weather gets cold! 
Tropical Timewarp @ YAAM Beach starts at 4pm
Soukous-Afrobeat-Highlife-Naija-Kwaito-Kuduro-Jazz-Cumbia-Dub-Calypso- & beyond…
★ Dj Zhao [Ngoma Sound/ Beijing/ Berlin] — 11pm
★ The Soulvendor [Tropical Timewarp/ Dubpub]
★ AFROSUSA live pecussion [Gambia-Spain-Berlin]
★ special decoration by: Grasstapete
★ Afro-Carib food on sale! 
5 euros before 11, 12 euros after - message me for guest list – ngomasound at gmail


There is a new Ohangla sound in Kenya, and i am so addicted.  Traditionally the music and dance for serious ceremonies of the Luo, it has recently gained cross tribal popularity all over the country, and performed for pure fun.

and here is a Benga one, noticeably different:

The New Pacific

This year’s Wasser Musik Festival in Berlin at the end of July / beginning of August has the theme of Invisible Continent, and feature some great shows from various corners of the Pacific Ocean from Colombia to Thailand.   Here are my picks:

19.7. Novalima // info // facebook

27.7. The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band // info // facebook

28.7. Fahrraddisco: 
DJ Ipek / DJ Clé / Mother Perera / Dengue Dengue Dengue! // info // facebook

Cumbia All Stars // info // facebook

Afro Beets


Afro Beets is the hottest new musical genre on the planet.


Just kidding, Afro Beets is not a genre. And neither is Afro Beats, the rather silly name coined by some UK radio dj to hype his show that seems to have stuck. What we really have here is Electronic Pop and Dance music from West Africa, specifically Hiplife and modern Highlife from Ghana, and Naija Jams from Nigeria (with a touch of Coupe Decale from the Ivory Coast and South African House for good measure).

The term “Afro Beats” has the most tenuous of links to its reference – Ice Prince has not much to do, musically, thematically, anything-cally, with Fela Kuti. About the only link between “Afro Beats” and the Afro-Funk/Soul/Rock of the 1970s, what is known as Afro Beat, is the same place of origin. While the differences are many: 70s Afro Beat was of course Funk and Blues based, while these new styles use beats related to Afro-House and Reggaeton, bass-lines from Highlife and Rumba, vocals a mix of local styles and Jamaican Dancehall and American R’n’B/Rap, with healthy doses of techno-rave energy. While 1970s Afrobeat often spread conscious political messages which passionately spoke of social realities and the struggle against oppression, these new forms of pop music deliver an entirely hedonistic message which passionately speak about glamour, escape, sex, and money.

Purist of both the musical and political variety, please let go of your seriousness and get with the serious boogie. To the “Drum Machines Have No Soul” type i say don’t forget that the 70s musicians you worship all embraced the latest technologies and sounds of their day. To people who take issue with the materialism this music espouses, from a dj thoroughly dedicated to anti-capitalism: dance music, with its anarchic celebration of pleasure and wanton disregard for the law, is always in essence, if not on the surface, anti-authoritarian; and partying, even in these bleak times, can still be an insurrectionary activity, disruptive of hum-drum consumerist routine.

But whatever. Love it or leave it. And whatever we call it, if it even is an “it”, the sweet grooves and irresistible hooks of this action packed music is not only the perfect summer party soundtrack, but simply the most uninhibited fun your money can buy, anywhere.

Though of course this download is free :)

P.S. Track 21, called Azonto Decale, is by the Focus Allstars, a pan-African musical force which grew out of the Focus Organization. If you are in London they do proper events (next one tomorrow Friday 21 of June):

01 Artquake – Alanta Instrumental Intro
02 P-Square – Trowey!
03 J Martins ft. Fally Ipupa – Jupa Global Remix
04 Nhyiraba Kojo ft. Sammy – Baba God
05 Ghana Blast – Odwa (Raggao)
06 Obour ft. Morris She & Batman – Konkonti Baa
07 Unknown – Unknown
08 FBS ft. Tinny – Oldman Boogey Remix
09 Bradez & Ephraim – Ego Bee
10 X-Pensive Nframa – Aunty Adoley
11 Baby Jet – African Woman
12 Side 1 – One By One
13 Ruff n Smooth ft. S.K. Blinks – Azingele
14 Bigiano – Eyin’ Temi
15 Ephraim – Follow Follow
16 Stay J – Shashee Wowo (Kaxtro Remix)
17 D’banj – Oliver Twist
18 D’banj – Oliver Twist (Uhuru Remix)
19 Edem – Over Again
20 Joey B, Gary, and E.L. – Ice Cream Girl
21 Focus Allstars – Azonto Decale
22 P-Square – Danger
23 AQ – Wahala Dey
24 Sarkodie ft. E.L. – U Go Kill Me
25 Obumpa Rek, Austine B. Agaspa – U Go Kill Me Version
26 Olamide – First of All
27 Dr. Slim ft. Double – Seke (prod. by Eyoh Soundboy)
28 E.L. – Obuu Mo
29 Blaka – Tozo
30 E.L. ft. Appietus & Geelex – Bend Ya Body
31 Guru ft. Edja – Lapas Toyota
32 Guantoa – Asore Party
33 Double – Walai Talai
34 Unknown – K
35 Double 5.5 – Uhm Ahh
36 Dee Moneey – Kpokpo O Body
37 T.I.V. – Beremole
38 Lil Shaker – Pressure Sorrr
39 Kojo Antwi – Osebo

FUSION 6 – New World

Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 21.38.36

Under the pavement, the beach, and after Apocalypse, a possible rebirth: these cut-up, mashed-up, re-edited and dubbed out rhythms from different corners of the earth as well as time periods, may form an image, a model, an interconnected rhyzomatic map of our collective hybridized, poly-cultural, high-tech and egalitarian future, where difference is not merely tolerated, but respected and valued, where without loss of individual character, seemingly separate histories, narratives, and cultures cross pollinate and fuse in surprising yet harmonious ways.

01 Francis Bebey – Forest Nativity X Mesak – Postuumi-1
02 Francis Bebey – Flute Aria X Joey Suki – Apster – Stick it
03 Unknown Burkina Faso - Djembe & Drums X Anton Kemmeren – Zorros Fighting Legion
04 Ja Fun Mi X dj Harvey-Drum Groove
05 Speranza X Sideshow Bottletop Dub
06 Unknown Degung Instrumental Bali X Twilight Circus Dub Sound System – 808 vod
07 Sindhi Music Ensemble – Thari Lok Geet X Badawi – Jihad
08 Chemirani Rizzo Montanaro – Balo Tondo (Zhao Edit)
09 Unknown – Pressure Sliding X Moto – Gucci
10 Bilal Abdurahman – Greek Holiday – Clarine, Darabuka, Tambourine X Omar S – Busaru Beats
11 MahndiMadhorama Pencha – Madan Bata Sindhu X Team Shadetek – Yoga Riddim
12 Small Island Pride – Federation (Dj Zhao solidarity Edit)
13 Unknown – Initiation Song and Jews Harp X Aardvaerck – Untitled
14 Tunng_VS_Taraf De haidouks – Homecoming_X Aardvaerck – Untitled
15 Sakou Si Bory – Aminata W X El Macho X Mastiksoul – El Macho Ben Tactic Edit
16 Kasambwe Brothers – Kasambwe Brothers X Negghead – Build it Up (break it down mix)
17 Dub Colossus – Shegye Shegitu (One Drop Mix) X Andy Stott – See In Me

OCORA Africa Mega Post

don’t have time for cover art and little write ups, so you will have to deal with the list dump style of this post (cover art and sometimes scans of liner notes should be in most archives).   Includes 2 versions of the much sought after and rare Dogon vinyl, with substantial differences in tracklisting, which among the first wave of awesome recordings was never reissued on CD.

For the uninitiated, OCORA was one of, if not the, most well researched and presented labels which dealt with indigenous sounds from all over the earth, and i made the promise, which i still do intend on keeping, of making the entire past catalog of 500+ recordings available on this blog.  there has been quite a few South Asian and African posts already, just look for it.     To be continued.

For more Ocora awesomeness, head over to Aaseance.

Heart of Light


“Heart of Light” – the last words uttered publicly by democratically elected first president of newly independent Congo Patrice Lumumba at his inauguration address, 3 months before his murder by Belgium and CIA, because he dared to oppose the Western forces of oppression and planned to keep the wealth of the Congo for the Congo.  Freedom and hope was killed in 1961, with disastrous consequences that last until today, but The Heart of Light can never die…


Rumba traveled back to Africa via Cuba and Haiti in the 40s and 50s, later developing into Soukous, arguably peaking in the 60s and 70s, and lived on well into the 90s with a more streamlined and modern sound. This mix is only a tiny slice of this glorious sound from the later periods: 4 on the floor, with enough bass for modern dance floors.  Excluded are examples from the ocean of older, incredibly varied recordings, of supreme beauty and artistic merit but many of which sadly have poor sound quality, as the best musicians in the world were, and are, often recording under the worst conditions and with the worst equipment.

Despite being the biggest African music export in history, African Rumba is still criminally under exposed in the Northern Hemisphere.  Yet this music is crucial, and should be very important to anyone interested in Dance Music, anyone interested in Pop, in Rock, in Soul,  in Jazz, in Funk, in Reggae, etc.  Objectively speaking, in terms of raw musicianship, in terms of composition and arrangement, and if we break down the rhythms and melodies to mathematical patterns and study them, these highly evolved structures are perfectly designed and executed in every way.

I grew up with Industrial Noise, Punk, and Metal, and it wasn’t until my late 20s/early 30s until i was emotionally mature enough to appreciate amazing sounds like this. Please leave your cynicism at the door and embrace this music, for the truth is, something Africans have known all along, that ultimately the most powerful revolutionary force, of which the powers are afraid, is not anger — it is love.


01 Sam Mangwana – Liwa Ya Niekesse
02 Orchestra Makassy – Kufulisika Sio Kilema
03 Papa Noel – Bel Ami
04 Kosmos Moutouari – Liberte
05 4 Stars – Mayanga
06 Kanda Bongo Man – Ebeneza
07 Mpongo Love = Femme Commerçante
08 Unknown – Zoum
09 Sam Mapangala – Dunia Tuna Pita (We’re Just Passing Through the World)
10 Kanda Bongo Man – J.T.
11 Bilenge Musica Du Zaire – Wazazi Wangu
12 Empire Bakuba – Nazingi Maboko
13 Alain Kounkou – Soukouss Grands Effets
14 Nyboma – Maya
15 Elali – Mawa (Ngai Mawa)
16 Synthez – Virée aux Antilles
17 Fifi Map – Libala Ya Bomwana
18 Africa Maestro – Na Decide
19 Bicko Tchéké – C’est chic
20 Kanda Bongo Man – Sango
21 Meiway – Nanan
22 Luambo Lwanza Makiadi & L’Orchestre TPOK Jazz (Franco) – Casier Judiciare

March in Berlin

4 events coming up to ask ancient African gods for sunshine and warmth.


Friday, March 22, 2013 11:10pm // VULKANDANCE @ Party Obsessed People……. Kleine Präsidentenstraße 4a, Stadtbahnbogen 157-158 (hackescher markt)

Untitled-1P1000602 P1000488   P1000571P1000592  P1000614P1000453

AFRICAINE 808 – ( W.T. Records/ Vulkandance ) (LIVE)
current release :
DJ ZHAO – ( Ngoma collective / Bejing )
DJ NOMAD – (Vulkandance)



Saturday, March 23, 11:00 // Norouz Party @ BALLHAUS – Naunynstr. 27, 10997

P1000786P1000746 P1000851 P1000862


DJ Zhao (Ngoma, Beijing/Los Angeles)

“Norouz” is the Persian New Year and the Spring Festival, so expect a night heavy on North African and Middle Eastern vibes!  (sponsored by

Screen Shot 2013-03-10 at 10.31.11

Friday, March 29, 2013 11:00pm // AFROHEAT @ Cookies Berlin………………………. Friedrichstrasse / Unter den Linden, 10117 P1010049 P1010051 64182_356656224436614_408825474_n 479961_356654651103438_1174634781_n 524858_356654721103431_1281266859_n 529579_356654267770143_1594494887_n 546003_356655334436703_1239238292_n

Main Floor – Afrobeats, Hip hop, RnB, Dancehall
DJ Steve-N (Düsseldorf)
DJ Cambel Nomi ( Stuttgart)
DJ Zyto (Berlin)
Hosted by U-Gin

Mini Floor – Afrohouse
DJ Zhao (Beijing/L.A.)


Saturday, March 30, 2013 1:00am // DRUM @ Club GRETCHEN (2nd room)
Obentrautstr. 19-21, 10963 Berlin, Germany
Rhythm and Bass at the intersection of urban electronics and timeless tradition: DRUM brings the sweetest beats and sickest flows to Berlin.

NGOMA Soundsystem featuring:

DJ Zhao (Ngoma/Beijing)
DJ Nomad (Vulkandance/Berlin)
Marcel, percussion/drums (Tropicfusion)
Kovo M22 on mic and mbira
Tamara and her dancing monkeys

entry will be 8 euros (together with the big room), so send me your guest list requests early, to – ngomasound at gmail.  we have some free and many half price spots.

Back in the JOZI 14-18 FEB

Pretoria girls really knock me out, They leave the west behind
And Soweto girls make me sing and shout, That SA’s always on my my my my mind!
Yes it will be nice to escape cold Europe for 4 days of gigs in the Jozi summer time vibes!
the main show is a day time concert with lots of amazing acts, check the website for soundbytes, and here is the facebook event. (check back for details of other shows)
Date: 2013-02-16 14:00:00
Address: 14-16 Twist Street,Johannesburg
Thath’i Cover Orkestra
Dirty Paraffin
Dj Zhao (Ngoma / DRUM / Berlin / BeiJing)
Mma Tseleng (JHB)
R65 pre-sale tickets
R80 at the door
‘Track Record’ forms part of ‘Call & Response’ – a project that marks Keleketla! Library’s five-year practice with a series of interventions, screenings, exhibitions, conversations and performances in February 2013. The project aims to re-visit the Keleketla archive of work produced over the last five years to imagine the changing nature of libraries and knowledge dissemination, realised in partnership with the Goethe-Institut South Africa and with additional support from the Department of Community Development/Arts, Culture and Heritage, City of Joburg.

Funds raised through the concert will support future programmes at Keleketla!

NGOMA 15 – DRUM Amandla

DRUM_amandla_600 Rougher and tougher twin of the previous DRUM volume, Amandla explores the somber and serious side of contemporary electronic dance music from South Africa and Angola.  In 2013 capitalist brainwashing and new waves of cultural and economic imperialism replaces the overtly oppressive policies of Apartheid and colonialism; inequity, injustice, and corruption still pandemic on the African continent; but the indestructible beat of Soweto, Pretoria and Luanda lives on.  These new urban sounds express the frustration, longing, joy and hope of a new generation, the continuing struggle and POWER of the people.  Rhythm as a weapon, music as a weapon: a real weapon in the concrete sense.  Africa!  Mayibuye!  Amandla!


01 Osunlade feat. Bajka – Argy (Stripped Mix)
02 Dj Vinny Q feat. Minister – Amazulo (Wave Drumz Calling)
03 Dj Vetkuk Vs Mahoota – Istokvela
04 Afrikan Roots ft. Buckz – Sesha
05 Dj Vetkuk & Mahoota
06 Infinite Boys – Cina
07 DJ Djeff feat. Maskarado – Elegom Bounsa (Filipe Narciso Deepduro Remix)
08 Onyenze – Ogidi (Djeff & Silyvi Remix)
09 Spikiri – Follow Me
10 Dj Malvado feat. Eddy Tussa – Zenze (Maphorisa n Clap Uhuru Remix)
11 Strong Root feat. Zulu – Matimba (Dj Hp Afro Mix)
12 Dj Satellite – Boss In Beat (Original Mix)
13 Black Motion ft Zulu – Bhana Shilolo (Dj Satelite Remix)
14 Black Motion – Banane Mavoko
15 Dj Dorivaldo Mix e Dj Helio Baiano ft. Maya – Átabomeky (Bokoyébate)
16 Dj Znobia – Baza
17 Dj Znobia – Africa
18 Cabo Snoop – Windeck (Black Motion Remix)
19 Dj Malvado – Ka-Tuki
20 Big Nuz – Serious

FEB: 2 nights in London

AFRO BEAT PARTY webFollowing the success of last year’s party at Floripa, OneTaste is bringing back the afrobeat vibes to London for this unforgettable party packed full of exciting big bands and DJs.

FRIDAY 8th FEB. 2013

Electric Jalaba
DJ Zhao
DJ My Therapist

£7 tickets in advance HERE

£10 on the door


Electric Jalaba
Ancient songs from the Gnawa tradition about mysterious women, men that divide oceans and armies of soul conquerers weave themselves among enormous infectious grooves, analogue effects and warped guitars. The sound of the camel skin Guembri and Lagnawi’s impressive vocals will transport you to another world as the band boil relentlessly through a range of beautifully unearthly grooves. Expect inexhaustible energy, moments of soulful calm and pinnacles of ecstatic mayhem, plus some dance moves, you’ve definitely never seen before.”

Formed in London in 2009, Awalé is a reflection of London’s multiculturalism. With members from Tunisia, Cuba, France, Slovakia and England, influences come in turn from Afrobeat, Balkan music,
North African Amazigh music, Congolese Rhumba, Ethio Funk, Jazz and Cuban music, blended in their unique style. Through their music they take the audience on a journey across continents celebrating diversity and hope for mutual understanding of different cultures. The name Awalé, meaning “love each other”, comes from an ancient African game played in hundreds of versions around the world. Like the game, the music is played in turns and cycles of various length which echo themselves, sometimes very intricately and sometimes in unison. Heavily horn based, with the colour and excitement of 70′s funk and with Balkan inspired odd time signatures and melodies.

DJ Zhao
DJ Zhao brings the best contemporary and classic dance music together from wildly different times and places, with focus on Africa. Informed of up-to-the-minute global street styles such as Afro-Electro, Angolan-House, Kuduro, Coupe Decale, Naija, Rai, and Cumbia, as well as drawing upon the wealth of sonic traditions worldwide such as Juju, Gwo Ka, Rumba, Taraab, and Persian Classical, Dj Zhao fuses ancestral rhythms and urban bass pressure. Amateur ethno-musicologist and professional booty shaker, Dj Zhao is an International Sound Ambassador not only talking about, but demonstrating through raw sound experience, the underlying unity of all earth cultures.

DJ My Therapist
A short while back I, admittedly, visited DJ Yoda in the DJ booth to find out about what track he was playing a few too many times. Only to be welcomed with “Why don’t you go and get your own f**king tunes!”
I started building a deep vault of funk, soul, hip-hop, reggae, breaks and drum ‘n’ bass to provide all the best people with all the best music that I could find and the collection keeps on growing. I’ve played at Glastonbury, Bestival, Lovebox, Shambala, Secret Garden, Standon Calling and am a regular fixture keeping the crowd rocking before and after every OneTaste and Beatroot Rendez-Vous gig. Come up and ask me what I’m playing any time, I’ll be proud to tell you.


Sat 9 February 8pm till late


£10 adv, £12 door, £5 concs or student / Main Space / Standing


Many things make NUMBI an extraordinary, transformative night out. The funky music: the sexy, vivacious dancing: the stunning performers culled from Funk Town, a place where spoken word, sinuous grooves and straight badassery collide to create an irresistible mix. The next NUMBI is no different.

This time we’re celebrating Afropunk and giving you a chance to truly rock out and express yourself on the dance floor. We’ve got the sultry sounds of chanteuse, Miryam Solomon. We’ve got the vibrant, shake-your-tail feather rhythms of Bronzehead, the band that puts the funk in punk!

We’ve got the linguistic sexiness of writer and artist, Diriye Osman, who will be hosting the evening. The incredible Zena Edwards, Malaika Booker, Elmi Ali our poets for the night tasked with bring you the word complete with mohawks. We’ve got the ultra-fabulous choreographer and dancer, Funmi Adewole doing her thing with the often imitated, never duplicated DJ Bradley Zero. Our special guest Dj Zhao to take you to the Afropunk 2light.

And to kick it all off the Numbi Film Corner is Back with a super special screening of Documentary Film PUNK IN AFRICA directed by Keith Jones and Deon Maas.